This Music Belongs To You

by Leah Lou & the Two Left Shoes

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Billy Plona
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Billy Plona Been Part Of The Cleveland Music Scene Since The Late 80s And It's Extremely Rare To See A Band With This Much Stage Presence, Laid-back Attitude, Terrific Original Song Selection, & Just Plain Raw Talent! If Ya Don't Leave Their Show With A Smile On Your Face, Stop Going To Shows!!! Favorite track: Clean Apartment.
Taylor Myers
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Taylor Myers Just unbelievable talent and amazing music you can listen to on repeat and never grow tired of Favorite track: Stop and Go.
Kevin Mey
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Kevin Mey All Leah's lyrics touch on common real life experiences, and ways to solve those problems through the pursuit of happiness and positive energy. Truly beautiful in every way. Always lifts my spirits. Favorite track: Drunk Stupid and Used.
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released January 8, 2011

Leah Lou, Words/Voice/Acoustic Guitar
Daniel Lee, Bass
Coach, Drums
Billy Sullivan, Guitar
Sam Getz, Guitar
Garrett Openshaw, Strings
& lots of other wonderfully talented and awesome people.

Produced by: Michael Seifert

Album Art: Forest Walker Davis



all rights reserved


Leah Lou & The 2 Left Shoes Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Clean Apartment
3 o'clock, nothing on
sing a song for you
on your bed, in your head
make amends, oh you
broke my heart
brand new start
i got alot to show you
think of me when you see
a clean apartment.

cigarettes, kisses, sex
we're better than the rest of them
have a drink, try not to think
too much, let's make the best of it
we'll reminisce the days we miss
and soak up our contentment
think of me when you see
a clean apartment.

*oh what a wonderful waste of time
seeing your face see mine
i'll stay a while, if you don't mind
i'll stay a while, i'll stay a while.

i'll admit, i doubted this
and i think i still do
the history is killing me
and it's getting to you
i can see your not at ease
talking 'bout what happened
think of me when you see
a clean apartment.

it's been so long and this is wrong
and we both know it
but the lust i just too much
we're back to where we started
so hold me close, don't let me go
and i'll keep this a secret.
think of me when you see a clean apartment


i saw it coming, i saw it in a dream once......
Track Name: Donnie
Shootin' up junk in the back of your car
Playing games with your veins like some old guitar
You know where to go, but you're going too far
Take a look at the road, do you know where you are,

Oh, don't let yourself go
You got a lot of life to live kid, if you'd only quit this,
You might just miss it if you don't.

You dove in the snow without any clothes
You're stuffed up on drugs and too numb to get cold.
It get's in your head before it blows up your nose.
Strung out on a cloud and ready for more

Oh, don't let yourself go
You got a baby and a mother and a brother who love you
And a dad that can't see it happen again.

An overdose of opiates did him in
(poppin' pills just like corn in the microwave)
And daddy had to bury his son again
(so sad to see you go on such a perfect day)
Mama's sad, brother's mad and baby just don't understand why his daddy's sleeping the people are weeping. Why's he never coming back again?

Oh, Shea, baby he let himself go. Don't you ever no, oh don't you ever no, oh don't you ever let it go.
Track Name: Drunk Stupid and Used
Pace yourself, you're wasted.
Save some face, can't replace it.
Make your way to the basement and wait for me.

If it spins, the room you're in,
Don't listen to it, cuz it's fooling you.
In your head, now you're puking all over my shoes.

*Drunk, stupid and used.
Drunk, stupid you*

Dialing drunk at 4 O'clock,
To the one who owns the heart you broke
Say how much life sucks without her
Confess your love then forget about her.

You're slurring your words
Talking in circles
Making up terms
Chasing the girls
You're takin a piss so lifted you missed
now it's all over your shoes.

Track Name: Green Like Me
The grass is scratching the back of my knees
I'm strumming on a stump singing songs to the trees
And luckily for me they all have leaves but when the wind blows it sounds like they're clapping.
But I know they're really listening to me.

Cuz trees can't drink beer and talk at the bar
And trees can't meet girls that sing at the bar
And they can never be to busy for me cuz their trunks are stuck in the ground.
But i know what they'd say if they had a mouth.

They'd say, "will you stop being so green with envy?"
They'd say, "will you stop being so green like me?"
They'd say, "will you stop being so green with envy?"
They'd say, "Leah, stop being so green like me."

But trees can't talk back and tell me i'm wrong
That i'm immature, emotional, neurotic, and paranoid
And all these useless things slip through their leaves and when I sing it feels like it means something.
But I know...
I said I know!
I know, I know
It's really all my fault.
Track Name: Rain They Say
They say that when it rains there's something deep inside our brains that changes...makes us wanna play mean games with each other's feelings. They say that when we wake up wanting more it's time to find the door, I'm holding onto something, I just don't know what yet.

*Oh, lovely eyes, I've cried so many times.
Now love me!
Oh, lovely eyes I've cried so many times,
Now love me!
In the morning and before I go to bed
Even when my hair's all messed up and
I can't afford the rent
Even when you want to rip my feelings into pieces,
Please, just try to reconsider this let's talk about it reasonably.*

They Say that when our brains ain't numb
Nothing stops the pain like some
Herbal girl named Jane to come
And make us feel young and loved.
They say that when you can't sleep without the person you are dating, it obviously means something.
I'm awake and quite impatient.


I'm tired, so tired.
You're driving on your tires
The news is on at 5AM,
I'm tired, so so very tired
You're driving on you're tires
I'm up all night again.
Track Name: Stop and Go
All of us are in a line and we are waiting for the light
Then we will be on our ways,
We'll take our cars and take our faces.

I don't know where you're going
But hope you make it safe
Cuz I don't know where I'm going
So I hope you hope the same.

It's nice to meet you man in the Cadillac
Maybe we'll meet again on a different path
It's nice to meet you man in the Cadillac
Keep your eyes open, pay attention.

Now all of us are moving and we're grooving to the music
That is soothing our souls
All the way home, or....

I don't know where you're going
But I hope you make it safe.
Cuz I don't know where I'm going,
So I hope you hope the same.

It's nice to meet you lady in the Mercedes
Maybe we'll meet again on our way places
It's nice to meet you lady in the Mercedes
Keep your eyes open, pay attention.

Stop and go.
Stop and go.
Stop and go.